Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use content from Life Skills with Dr. V. on my own site, post it to social media, etc.?
Not without permission. The content on Life Skills with Dr. V. is copyrighted and belongs to either Life Skills with Dr. V. or the author of the content.
Thank you for making the Web Foundations course available for free. Can I make a donation to help you out?
Thank you for the kind words and offer. We launched considerably earlier than we planned in order to make the course available while everyone's stuck at home looking for something fun and useful to do, so we don't even have a payment system in place yet. But since you offered, once we have some time we'll add a way to make a donation if you want. (Eventually, when the pandemic is behind us, we hope to add more courses - some free and some with reasonable prices - as an alternative to expensive degree-based education.)
The site seems slow/buggy/wonky.
Yes, we are aware of some (hopefully) minor issues. We are not currently deployed to a scalable infrastructure as this site is supported entirely out of Dr. V's pocket. So thank you for your patience!